Virtual Reality

The best medium we have to immerse yourself in your design. A most effective tool to experience and evaluate your design.

Augmented Reality

The newest tool in architecture. A very intuitive medium that will have a big impact on the architectural practice.

Custom Software

Game Engines - the true hero in visualization technology of our time. Allowing you to create anything you can imagine.

Virtual Reality

Level 1 - 360° Virtual Tour

By connecting multiple panoramic renders we create a Virtual Tour. The nice thing about a 360° Tour is that you don't need VR goggles. Just your smartphone or tablet.

Level 2 - Virtual Reality

The 'classic' VR scene. For this we use an architectural render engine, like Twinmotion, so that we can create a high quality VR very quick and cheap.

Level 3 - Interactive VR

On the surface it looks the same as a regular VR, but instead we bring it into a Game Engine. That way we can add interactable elements, like openable doors, ventilation airflow simulations, or shootable zombies.

Augmented Reality

Level 1 - Hologram

The tabletop AR is a very easy and intuitive way of looking at a design. Just move around to view different angles and move closer to zoom in.

Level 2 - Feature-rich AR

Because the hologram is virtual we can add all sorts of cool features. Layers, cross-sections, animated people, lighting simulation, you name it!

Level 3 - Lifesize AR

'The ultimate prototype'.
By putting a real scale model on the building site you get the very best representation you can ask for.